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Transbuild’s newly released two-storey option is set to redefine the building experience.

“It’s the perfect option for medium density housing, for developers both large and small. It let’s them get on with the process of developing the land while we build the homes at the same time. The result is significant project time and cost savings with a dramatically improved bottom line.”

Says company sales and business development manager Shamil Gujarati.

Two Storey Typologies

Transbuild’s two-storey homes offer duplex and standalone options with configurations ranging from two to four bedrooms. The homes are fully finished in the Transbuild factory, complete with a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) and a Master Builder guarantee. All that is necessary is to drop them on site, connect to services and finish off the final aspects of the project such as landscaping.

two storey typology duplex stand alone build render home

“We offer a fixed-price contract, all within a controlled factory environment—a very streamlined process,” says Shamil. “By creating efficiencies we can really help speed up the development process for clients. So if a normal development was 12 months, we can nearly halve that time, saving the client significant finance and holding costs.”

A driving force in the construction arena

Founded in 2012 by Sam Paterson, Transbuild has become a force to be reckoned with in the transportable building industry. Specialising in architecturally designed homes up to 150 square metres, the company’s commitment to off-site manufacturing has positioned it as a leader in efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Shamil says that Sam brings a passion for off-site manufacturing and a wealth of experience in the building industry. Starting with a small team of three staff, Transbuild has grown exponentially, now boasting a team of about 60 staff and contractors, including up to 35 builders and various tradespeople. The purpose-built factory in Drury, South Auckland, facilitates the simultaneous construction of 26 homes at a time.

the staff and team at Transbuild Commercial

The approach

Transbuild’s approach to off-site manufacturing involves fully finishing each home before delivering it to the site. The company’s portfolio includes 28 different floor plans, offering a range of layouts to suit diverse preferences and site suitability. With a focus on maximising the benefits of transportable homes, Transbuild recommends choosing from existing layouts, providing the flexibility to flip or mirror floorplans to optimise the site.

The homes are perfect for any type of residential project but have particular benefits for homes in locations tricky or remote to build in.

“Many clients seek a simplified footprint without compromising on design for a holiday home. Transbuild’s ability to deliver high-spec transportable homes aligns with this trend, providing cost-effective solutions with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency,” he says.

Commercial expertise 

Beyond residential offerings, Transbuild extends its expertise to commercial projects. The company’s ability to customise solutions for offices, ablutions, showrooms, accommodation and medical centres has positioned it as a go-to partner for businesses seeking efficiency and reduced onsite disruption.

“The commercial buildings can be anywhere from 65m2 to 160m2. Our range of plan options can be fully customised to suit the business. By utilising our solutions getting a business operation up and running quickly can be a reality.”

Awarded as the Fastest Growing Construction Business in Auckland and Upper North Island by Deloitte Fast 50 in October 2022, Transbuild is recognised for its capabilities and commitment to delivering modern, affordable spaces. As a proud member of Master Builder, the company emphasises professionalism, duty of care, and responsibility toward its people, clients and the environment, says Shamil.

For those looking to see what Transbuild can offer the current showhomes, located at 250B Sutton Road, Drury, South Auckland, and Cambridge, offer a preview of the quality and versatility of Transbuild’s designs. These homes, ranging from two to four bedrooms, highlight the company’s dedication to providing options that suit various preferences and site requirements.

“Prefabricated homes have been around for many years, but until now they have been sometimes perceived as the cheap option,” says Shamil. “But when people come to see our show homes they are surprised by the specifications and quality. Our homes are designed by our team of in-house architects with space optimisation in mind and built in a controlled environment with sustainable construction methods for energy efficient homes. We take real pride in manufacturing modern, affordable spaces that optimise design functionality with cost-effective outcomes for our customers.”

Original article written by:

Karen Phelps – Business North