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Developers are turning to Transbuild for transportable homes that considerably speed up the manufacturing process.

How are land developers working with you?

They are utilizing transbuild’s manufacturing purpose-built factory to construct their homes; which are then transported from drury, south auckland to their developments all over the north island. Our scale and capability to produce over 150 homes a year gives them the assurance that we will meet their project timelines and budgets. Furthermore, we’re unaffected by weather as the building bays are sheltered, all the materials required are available at our factory as well as the trades to undertake the work all in one place.

Does your building specification differ from a traditional on-site building?

The specification and materials used are exactly the same as what you would traditionally find in an on-site build, we are supplied by the major merchants with all the known brands and products. The only difference is the building is constructed at our facility with a hardline manufacturing ethos. When working with developers, we see ourselves as their partner and so ensuring that we have a good understanding of their target customer we can work with them using their plans or our plans, the plans can be customized with a specification to suit their development.

How does a developer benefit from partnering with Transbuild?

A standard build takes three months, which means that there are assurances of the homes showing up faster than traditional on-site construction, allowing the development to be turned over sooner, which has significant cash flow benefits. Our buildings leave our facility fully completed and operationally ready to plug into onsite utilities and services. The building also has its code of compliance backed by a master builders guarantee, and we oversee the transport and on-site installation onto the foundations. By working with us, a developer is eliminating all construction related risks, compliance, health and safety costs. We also have a range of pre-consented plans that speed up the process of getting homes to your sites. With a proven track record in offering standalone floor plans ranging in size from 65m2 to 160m2; as well as duplex floor plans which is a major benefit when it comes to maximizing the land for development under the unitary plan.

How can Mum and Dad or small-scale developers with extra land benefit?

We’re finding that a lot of mum and dads with underutilised land are placing minor or small dwellings to generate rental incomes or supporting family members with accommodation. In a lifestyle or rural context people are commercializing on the opportunity by providing holiday accommodation, bed and breakfast options, or staff accommodation. We’re also finding with the current property market that small-scale developers that were looking to extensively develop their sites have opted to place their developments on hold and are utilizing our buildings as a fast and efficient way of temporarily generating cash flow. The added benefit of our buildings being transportable is in time they will simply move the building to another site.

Sam Paterson is managing director at Transbuild. Awarded in 2022 by Deloitte Fast 50 as Auckland & Upper North Island’s fastest growing construction business. We welcome you to visit one of our show homes in Drury, Bay of Plenty or Cambridge.